At Alpha we believe that good relationships are the key to success, not only between staff and students but between Alpha as a whole and its wider partnerships. Some of the people we work with are listed below,

  • Local Education Authorities
  • Schools
  • Alternative Education Providers
  • Parents & Carers
  • Education Welfare Services
  • The Police
  • Youth Offending Services
  • Social Care Teams
  • Education Psychologists
  • Child & Adolescence Mental Health Services

We are also proud to be working in partnership with Adam Parkes. Adam is our School Improvement Partner, having been Deputy Head at Reach a local PRU for many years he now visits on a regular basis and is helping us to improve and ensure we are working at the highest standards possible. Adam also has a keen focus on Mental Health and is going to be working with us to ensure all staff are Mental Health first aid trained. Please visit Adam’s website for more information on him and his campaign to help improve peoples mental health and staff in schools ability to provide and early intervention.