Students are expected to arrive by 9.00am.

If students arrive after 9.00am they will be marked as late.

If students arrive after 9.30am they will be marked as an Unauthorised Absence.

We take the register again after lunch and if students leave for any reason before the end of the day (2.30pm) they will be marked down as an unauthorised absence.

We expect your attendance to be at least 95%


If students are ill or cannot attend due to any reason, a Parent or Carer needs to call Reception on 01782 212807 before 9.30am and provide a reason for the absence.

 If a student does not arrive on a day they are expected to attend, we will contact parents and carers to determine your whereabouts and safety.

We will contact Parents/Carers initially with a text informing you that your child hasn’t arrived, please respond to this text. If we receive no answer, we will try to contact you by telephone and any other suitable method to ensure the welfare of our students. If we cannot reach the parent or carer it may be reported to local authority as missing education.

Medical Appointments

All medical appointments should be made outside of the school day where possible. A copy of appointment slip or letter will be required to be provided.


All Holiday requests should be discussed with Nadine Wedgewood (Head of Centre) before a booking is made, an absence for holiday that has not been agreed by Alpha will be recorded as unauthorised. Authorisation will not be granted retrospectively. Please see attendance policy on policy page for more information.

Poor Attendance

We monitor all attendance and we will discuss and assist both students and parents/carers to improve attendance where we can, however, if attendance is persistently poor with no signs of improvement we may have to escalate this in line with our Attendance policy which can be found on the policies page of our website.