Extra Curricular Activities


At Alpha students have the opportunity to start to gain or develop their boxing skills, this could be just burning off some steam during Breakfast and Boxing or in BTEC sport /PE lessons where we use boxing to teach a variety of skills. All our boxing sessions are non-contact, however if students find they really enjoy the sport we can direct you to some really great Amateur Boxing Organisations to take it further.

Boxing teaches discipline, all round fitness, we incorporate nutrition and healthy living, but best of all we have found that it helps to engage our students and improve their self confidence.

Breakfast and Boxing

A typical day at Alpha is Boxing and Breakfast to start off the day, this is a time between 9.00-9.30am where students can go in the gym and let off some steam or head to the recreation room and have breakfast and catch up with staff and and friends before lessons start at 9.30am. We also make sure there are newspapers available and the news on the TV to encourage interest in current affairs.

National Enterprise Scheme

This is a series of activities arranged by the team at The Inspirational Learning Group leading to an eventual national competition and potential prize. In their own words “The Inspirational Learning Group engage, inspire and motivate young people to be the best they can be. We develop and deliver innovative and engaging enterprise challenges for delivery in schools and colleges, working in conjunction with some of the UK’s biggest companies and universities to help young people to develop entrepreneurialism and transferable soft skills for the workplace.”