General Information


We provide lunch for free for all students at Alpha, students can choose your lunch each morning from a menu in reception, this includes a range of sandwiches and hot food.


Students are expected to wear the school uniform as described below on every day they attend school. This has been updated to start from 4th September 2023.

Tops – Students will be supplied with Alpha Learning branded navy t-shirts on arrival. Full time students will receive 3 t-shirts and part time students will receive 2 t-shirts free of charge.

Additional T-shirts can be ordered and paid for at reception at any time throughout the school year, we only sell the t-shirts at cost. No other t-shirts will be accepted.

Trousers – Students are required to wear black jogger bottoms, casual trousers, leggings or knee length shorts. They should be suitable for wearing during sporting activities. Any logos should be minimal and discrete.

Jumpers/jackets – Students should wear only jumpers or jackets suitable for a school environment. Large branding, slogans and any offensive material will not be allowed

Trainers – Students should wear trainers suitable for sporting activities, black is preferred.

PE Kit – Students have access to changing facilities and showers and are welcome to bring a change  of clothes for PE if they wish. Any PE kit should follow the general school rules, knee length shorts or trousers, non offensive t-shirt and trainers.


What we do not accept

  • Sliders, heels and opened toe shoes/sandals are not appropriate footwear for sporting activities which take place every day therefore should not be worn for school due to health and safety considerations.
  • No items of clothing should be worn that obscure the face except for religious reasons.
  • Shorts, knee length shorts can be worn however any shorter lengths will not be considered acceptable for school.
  • Jewellery may need to be removed for physical activity, however minimal jewelry should be worn, for example stud earrings and a single chain would by acceptable, however we do not have any facilities for the safe keeping of jewellery while sporting activities take place so rings should not be worn (these cannot be worn for boxing training in any circumstances).
  • Nails can be painted however no false nails due to sporting activities and potential injuries.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing, we provide all pens, pencils, calculators, and any other equipment needed during the school day.


Students may go on trips to various sporting locations such as golf or leisure centres for your PE or BTEC Sport Lessons, these will not always be notified in advance.

As a reward for good behaviour, we arrange trips to various locations such as Tubing, Ninja Warrior or a Carvery Restaurant to celebrate as a group.


Students will be expected to make your own way into Alpha in the morning and back home at night. A number of bus stops surround the property, please contact reception if you need any assistance identifying the best bus route to school. If there are any issues with transportation to Alpha please discuss them with us as we may be able to help.