General Information


We provide lunch for free for all students at Alpha, students can choose your lunch each morning from a menu in reception, this includes a range of sandwiches and hot food.


We have no uniform at Alpha, however we suggest students wear suitable clothes for gym activities and sensible footwear such as trainers.

We will not allow any items of clothes with bad language or inappropriate material on them to be worn at school.

Jewellery may need to be removed for physical activity.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing, we provide all pens, pencils, calculators, and any other equipment needed during the school day.


Students may go on trips to various sporting locations such as golf or leisure centres for your PE or BTEC Sport Lessons, these will not always be notified in advance.

As a reward for good behaviour, we arrange trips to various locations such as Tubing, Ninja Warrior or a Carvery Restaurant to celebrate as a group.


Students will be expected to make your own way into Alpha in the morning and back home at night. Hanley Bus Station is a short walk away. If there are any issues with transportation to Alpha please discuss them with us as we may be able to help.