Our Offer to Schools

Our Offer to Schools

Semi Permanent/Permanent placement with Alpha

A school can choose to enrol their students at Alpha for any combination of days, full (dependant on available full time places) or part-time. Depending upon on the days that are chosen for the placement and considering with the student’s age and ability, we will determine what subjects they can access with us. Full details will be given when a referral is made, although you can find a sample timetable on our website.

Please confirm current charges by contacting Alpha directly.

Intervention Packages

At Alpha we have worked with, and continue to work with, students who have considerable social and emotional needs and often face enormous daily challenges, have made poor choices, feel overwhelmed and often struggle to explain their anxieties and concerns. These issues may have led to a negative relationship with education but, at Alpha, we pride ourselves on working with every individual child to help them find solutions, make plans, and raise their aspirations. As a result, we see our student’s attendance improve and their willingness to engage and confidence increase. They are given the opportunity to engage in academic sessions, in small classes and gain new skills in boxing. This combination has, over the years, proven to be highly effective and achieve good outcomes for the young people.

We now aim to take these skills and help to provide interventions, in partnership with the home-school, re-engage students with learning and encourage them to take an active positive role in schooling. 

We offer four packages to schools. These are as follows;

  1. 1 to 1 or small-group Boxing/Boxercise

These sessions are delivered in the home-school setting, with the aim of re-engaging students in education by encouraging them to return to the school environment. This programme is proven to improve self-confidence and self-esteem, physical and emotional health and develop a plethora of new skills, supported a fully qualified boxing coach/mentor. Young people work with a neutral member of staff who can listen to any concerns and anxieties, feedback to staff and work with the student/staff to explore solutions.

Half-day session, at home-school, maximum 4 students per session. Cost – please confirm current cost by contacting Alpha directly.

  1. Group Boxing and Literacy/Numeracy – (6-week programme)

This will include boxing sessions delivered by a fully qualified boxing coach, alongside Literacy and Numeracy sessions, delivered by teaching staff. Students engage in physical activity, developing new skills and, at the same time, improving their Literacy/Numeracy by achieving Unit Awards and, where appropriate, Functional Skills qualifications. The sessions will give students an opportunity to learn in a small group setting whilst providing a space, away from school, to reflect on any difficulties they may be having. Alpha staff will provide regular feedback to school and work towards a successful, sustainable re-integration at the end of the programme.

10am – 2pm session, at ALpha, minimum 4 students to run (can be from different schools). Cost – please confirm current cost by contacting Alpha directly.

  1. Young Men’s Group – (6-week programme)

Running one afternoon per week, for 6 weeks, the Young Men’s Group targets students who are at risk or involved in CCE, gang culture, anti-social Behaviour, knife crime or where there are concerns around the PREVENT agenda. The 6-week programme will be tailored to the specific needs of the students that have been identified by school, and could include,

  • Knife crime
  • CCE
  • Gangs
  • County Lines
  • Exploring consequences to actions
  • Friendships – recognising toxic relationships and how to deal with them
  • Drug and alcohol awareness

Students will be encouraged to join in group discussion and be always respectful of others and their beliefs. Alongside these sessions will be a boxing session delivered by a fully qualified boxing coach. There will also be opportunities to hear from influential local figures, who have experienced challenges, hearing how they have overcome them to become successful in their chosen career.

12.30pm – 3pm session, at Alpha minimum 4 students to run (can be from different schools). Cost – please confirm current cost by contacting Alpha directly.

  1. 3-Day Pro-active Placement – (6-week programme)

This 6-week programme runs each half-term, for 3 days per week. The remaining 2 days will be spent, as normal, at the student’s home-school. The aim is to re-engage young people who have experienced difficulties in school, with a particular focus on those struggling emotionally or, perhaps, demonstrating challenging behaviour. They will access a timetable that will include Maths/English/Science/Sport (including BTEC sessions) Humanities/PHSE and ICT, alongside the opportunity to develop new skills in boxing.

Students will benefit from a small nurturing environment, be given opportunities to reflect on difficulties they may be having in school, consider their barriers to learning, and work with staff to explore the possible solutions to achieve a successful re-integration, to a full-time timetable, in their home school.

3 days per week, at Alpha. Cost – please confirm current cost by contacting Alpha directly.