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Alpha Learning is proud to be a little bit different from other schools. Our small class sizes and teacher/pupil ratios, allow us to support outstanding learning, get to know our students and their emotions and, most importantly of all, form meaningful, mutually respectful relationships. We excel at pastoral care and pride ourselves on the extent that we get to know and support our students. However, in order to provide a holistic experience for all service users, we also form excellent relationships with the parents/carers, families and supporting agencies.

We commonly use sport, in particular boxing, to engage our students. A typical day at Alpha starts at 9.30 am with Breakfast and Boxing; this is a 30-minute period at the start of the day where students can choose to eat breakfast with staff, catch up on current news topics or go into the gym and ‘work off some steam’ before the day starts. We then start formal teaching at 10am, with the first of 5 timetabled lessons in the day. Lunch starts at 12.15pm and the school day ends at 2.30 pm.

We offer a full range of subjects to our learners as can be seen in our curriculum offer. Subjects taught/offered may vary depending on the number of days a student attends Alpha. This will be discussed with both the student and their parents/carer on admission and monitored throughout their time with us. 

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