Lindon Newbon Proprietor

Lindon will be most often found in the gym with students, leading a breakfast and boxing session, taking BTEC Sport lessons or generally roaming the building overseeing the day to day running of the school

Nadine Wedgewood Centre Manager and Safeguarding Lead

Nadine is your main contact for referrals, admissions, progress reports, pastoral care, and SEN, she is also a teacher of English. As Safeguarding lead Nadine is the person to speak to if you have any concerns regarding the welfare of a child.

Danielle Chell Business Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Danielle oversees Finance, HR, Insurance and Health and Safety. As Deputy Safeguarding Lead Danielle can be contacted if Nadine is not available or unable to address your Safeguarding needs.

Sue Owen Curriculum Manager

Sue is one of our teachers, her main subject is English. She also overseas assessments of all students.

Emily Haddon Receptionist

Emily is our receptionist and in charge of attendance, she will be the main person you speak to on calling Alpha and will do her best to help you or direct you to the correct person. Emily facilitates Career and post 16 education applications and is also training to be a Teaching Assistant so will often take students in a 1-2-1 interventions if the school day is becoming too much or they need additional input.

Contact Details

Emily Haddon (Reception and day to day enquiries)

Nadine Wedgewood (Centre Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Lindon Newbon (Director)

Danielle Chell (Finance and Business Manager)

01782 212807 or